The Ob River

The Ob River miandering
The Ob River miandering

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Of some 50 species of fish found in the river. The most valuable economically are several varieties of sturgeon and such “whitefish” as nelma, muksun, tschirr, and peled, pike, burbot, Siberian dace, carp, and perch are also caught. The seasonal ice cover, however, causes depletion of oxygen in the water, killing many fish every winter in the reaches between the Tym confluence and the delta.

Fur-bearing mammals of the Ob valley include European and Siberian mole, Siberian and American mink, ermine, fox, wolf (in the taiga), elk, white hare, water rat, muskrat, otter, and beaver. Among more than 170 species of birds breeding in the floodplain are grouse, partridge, goose, and duck.

Power Plants have put radioactively contaminated water that runs down theTecha river that automaticly runs down to the Ob river.

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