Characteristics of the Niger River

The Niger River is a big river. Its total length is 4180 kilometres long. Even though it is a big River there are no waterfalls in it whatsoever. But in Aug 31, 2010 floods in the Niger forced more than 50,000 people out of their homes. That was one of the biggest floods the Niger has ever had. The river does not freeze but if it did I'm sure it would freeze in winter. The Niger is not really affected by tides but now and then there are a bit of tidal issues. The largest boat that could fit through it is a 9,600metre boat. But there is pobably not even a boat that big. The main dangers of the river are floodng, tidal issues and oil spills.

Recreation of The Niger River

People use our river for recreation alot by cruises and sight seeing. Although you normally do not swim in it it is still a fun river. There are no annual events but I'm sure that the natives of the river have some celebrations sometimes but not anually.

Importance Of The Niger River

The Niger River is extremely important for survival for the natives. It is not used for many commercial purposes apart from fishing. The natives have to use this river for catching fish and drinking water. It is used for agriculture but only for growing crops. The river is used for water supplies for the natives but not the cities.

Water quality and Problems

The Niger River is not cleaner than it was 10 years ago. Yes you can eat fish from the Niger River but the Niger River is very dirty. The Niger River water has killed 1.5 million children. It passes through several countries including Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin, and Nigeria and cities Tembakounda, Bamako, Timbuktu, Niamey,Lokoja, Onitsha.
There is one more problem; oil spills. It is estimated that 1.89 million barrels of petroleum were spilled into the Niger Delta between 1976 and 1996 out of a total of 2.4 million barrels spilled in 4,835 incidents approximately 220 thousand cubic metres.


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History of the Niger River

The main buildings or homes are huts that are not that big but there are some buildings or homes made of other objects. The interesting thing about these buildings are that they were used in the 18th century! Thats a long time ago!There are no legends that we know about the river but there are some songs and poems. The links will be under the Poems and Songs heading. There aren't many myths or legends on the Niger but it is known as the great river or Jeblia. There are no ships sunk in the Niger that mankind have found so we are pretty sure that there are no sunken ships in the river.
Locals having a swim
Niger River