The Niger River

The Niger River


The name of our river is the Niger River.The Niger River starts at the Monts De Loma in Northern Africa.
The Niger River goes through the Niger Delta at Port Harcourt in Golfe De Guinee.There is only one major bridge over the Niger the Niger River bridge at Gaya.There are 4 lakes and river connecting with the Niger River that I now of.The deepest part of the Niger is 10 metres.the width of the Niger River is
9 656.064 metres.


Lions can be found in central and southern Africa as well as throughout the Niger River delta. The African lion was once found more commonly throughout the African continent. Because of hunting, the lions are losing their habitat. There are 250 species of fish in the Niger River. The fishing season normally runs from February to July, with the lowest occuring from December to early February. There are too many fish that dive in the Niger River to name all of them. Some of the dangerous man eating animals that live and use the niger river are including buffaloes, elephants, lions and leopards.

Niger River Fish

These are some of the types of fish that are found in the Niger River
Aethiomast acembelus nigromarginatus
Alestes baremoze
Alestes dentex
Amphilius platychir
Amphilius rheophilus
Andersonia leptura
Aphyosemion arnoldi
Aphyosemion bitaeniatum
Aphyosemion calliurum
Aphyosemion deltaense
Aphyosemion filamentosum
Aphyosemion gardneri
and there are many more other fish species named in different languages.

One of the most interesting fish is this one:
Killing Fish

This video shows African community fishing in the Niger


People use the niger river to go to other places.There are no locks on that i can find

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