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The Huang He River

The Huang He River is also known as the Yellow River. The River is in China and is 5,464 kilometres long. The river’s mouth (where the river gets let out to the Ocean) is at the Bohai Sea. The source of the river
(where the river gets it’s water from) is in the Bayan Har Mountains.

The location for the Huang He River is in China, Qinghai Province
The river flows through nine provinces and finishes at the Bohai sea.
The river’s basin area is 752,000 squareProxy.
Environmental issues
150 species of fish live in the Huang He River, but 1/3 have disappeared for good due to pollution. The water is so heavily polluted that if people drink from the river, they will die.

The 1887 Huang He River flood in the north China plain caused
900,000 to 2,000,000 deaths. In 1931 the river again killed 2 million humans in a flood. In recent times, since 1972 when the River had a drought in 1997 for 226 days.

The local Chinese people call the river ‘Mother River’ (in English).
The river is caused by natural disasters over millions of years.

Local transport
The local transport on the river are usually sports boats, police boats, war ships and submarines.

The local wildlife around the Huang He River consist of yellow flamingos, yellow turtles and yellow ducks. There are also koi, goldfish and fresh water fish.

The great Huang He River has an amazing history.
Big environmental issues could affect China and it’s wildlife badly in the future.